Why You Need to Explore the Local Art Galleries

The Poconos are well-known for their beautiful, rolling horizons, wonderful hiking trails, waterfalls, and Lake Wallenpaupack. But, the hidden gem of the Hawley area is our selection of amazing local art galleries. Featuring the best local artists and artisans, these galleries are a must-see when you visit the Poconos. If you skip these incredible local art galleries, you’ll miss out on a chance to experience the soul of the area.

Come and make lifelong memories here in the Poconos and experience the very best the area has to offer! Local art galleries, hikes, waterfalls, lake activities, and dining experiences are just a few of the wonderful things our free Vacation Guide features. Here at Silver Birches Resort, we are eager to help you have the best Poconos vacation!

Local Art Galleries You Shouldn’t Miss

To some, the thought of slowly walking through an art gallery is the perfect opportunity to escape reality. Our local art galleries feature works by local artists that reflect the soul of the area in a way that is accessible and beautiful. Here’s why you need to plan an excursion to our local art galleries.

The Looking Glass Art Gallery & Studio

Gallery owners Millie and Juan H. Espino offer the artistic excellence of their locale through their gallery and studio. With collectors from all over the world, including places like New York, France, Germany, Mexico, and Hong Kong, the gallery has succeeded on the investment they’ve made into the artistic community of Hawley. The Espinos, themselves, are artists, as well. You can walk through their gallery and appreciate the work they’ve built from the ground up. Beautiful and meaningful art isn’t just happenstance. It’s crafted through the dedication and fervor of true artists like the Espinos. For that reason alone, plan a visit to The Looking Glass during your next vacation to the Poconos!

Art at Ledges

At our sister property, Ledges Hotel, art is as much a means of defining the hotel’s decor as it is a nod to local artists and artisans. Everything from paintings to sculptures to photography will catch your eye and make you stop to reflect. It’s that kind of tranquility and reflection that befits a beautiful, relaxing vacation to the Poconos. You can’t go wrong with a stroll through the art at Ledges Hotel.

Wayne County Arts Alliance

The volunteer-run alliance helps the development of artistic culture in Wayne County by supporting artists, educating the community, exhibiting professional art, and encouraging expression. You’ll find top-notch art made through a variety of mediums in a way that expresses the spirit of the area as interpreted through the experience of the artists.

Art on the Edge

At Art on the Edge, you’ll find a variety of mediums representing the artistic nature of the area. Sculpture, paintings, and more will greet you in the 5,000 square-foot space in Hawley Silk Mill. The exhibit is a part of the Wayne County Arts Alliance, as well.

Art Is All Around the Poconos

Whether it’s the local art galleries, a perfectly prepared plate of locally-sourced food, a sunset on Lake Wallenpaupack, or the gorgeous waterfalls in the area, art is all around us in the Poconos. Here at Silver Birches Resort, we understand that an essential part of relaxation is the peace and quiet found in nature. That’s why we offer elegant rooms on the waterfront of Lake Wallenpaupack. You’ll find the convenience and comfort you’ve been looking for at Silver Birches. And, we can help you have the best experience in the Poconos, too. Our free Vacation Guide is an excellent source of things to do while you’re here. We are eager to accommodate you, so contact us today to book your stay!