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12 Fun Lake Wallenpaupack Facts

Over 30,000 people pour into the Pocono Mountains Lake Region each year. Since its creation in 1926, Lake Wallenpaupack has become a top destination for recreation and relaxation in the Northeast, and Silver Birches has been here from the start. Take a deeper dive with these 12 fun Lake Wallenpaupack facts to know more about your favorite lake getaway.

  1. Wallenpaupack comes from a Leni Lenape word meaning the stream of swift and slow water.
  2. Pennsylvania Power & Light decided to dam the Wallenpaupack Creek to create a reservoir and harness the energy for electricity.
  3. There was a town called Wilsonville located where the lake now sits. The farming community was nestled in a natural valley surrounded by mountains.
  4. PPL purchased the land for $20 an acre. About 100 residents were relocated and a number of structures razed to make way for the lake. Sonar studies have shown roads, foundations and bridge abutments still visible deep beneath the surface.
  1. About 2,700 workers built the 1,280 foot long, 70 foot high dam within two years. It took several months for water to collect to create the lake as it’s seen today.
  2. Lake Wallenpaupack is the third largest man-made lake in Pennsylvania comprising 5,700 acres and 52 miles of shoreline.
  3. The lake measures 60 feet at its deepest point.
  4. Today, Brookfield Renewable manages the lake, shoreline and 14-foot wide pipe that carries water 3.5 miles away from the lake to power generating turbines capable of producing enough electricity to power 35,000 homes.
  5. There are four islands on Lake Wallenpaupack- Burns Island, Cairns Island, Eppy Island and Kipp Island. All are open to the public for picnicking, birding and hiking.
  6. Bald Eagles are known to nest on Kipp Island. When eagles and eaglets are in residence, usually from January through July, the space is off-limits to the public.
  7. The lake is home to 26 species of fish including Striped Bass, Walleyes, Channel Catfish, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Chain Pickerel, Black Crappies and Tiger Muskellunge.
  8.  An 18-foot Native American Chestnut Canoe dating to the 1600s is on display at the Lake Wallenpaupack Visitors Center. Flooding from Hurricane Diane in 1955 brought the canoe to the surface along the West Branch of Lake Wallenpaupack.

An Anchor Business

Want some more fun facts about Lake Wallenpaupack? The lake literally sprang up around Silver Birches! George and Rachel Singer originally operated a farm on the property.

Silver Birches Postcard
Silver Birches Resort, PA

Right away the couple saw the tourism potential and immediately built a 14-bedroom inn to welcome guests. The original 1904 farmhouse was converted into lodging space soon after. More cottages, activities and amenities were added over the years. In 2016 the whole resort underwent a major renovation but kept the vintage charm of the early days. Today the farmhouse still welcomes visitors with guest rooms and even serves as the front desk operations for the entire resort. Nearly 100 years later, the appeal and timeless pleasures of a lake vacation continue to lure in new generations of guests. Look over the available room types and book your own Lake Wallenpaupack stay.