Imagine what George and Rachel Singer thought in 1926 as they watched their farm, circa 1904, turn into a lake. By 1929 they determined that there would be a need for more tourism lodging and decided to build a fourteen bedroom inn complete with dining room and kitchen capable of serving a full house providing three meals a day. It did not take long for the massive lake to become an economic engine for the region. Down the road in Hawley the Chamber of Commerce also felt tourism would come and in 1927 created a company that would build a fifty-four room hotel that is now known as The Settlers Inn, and coincidentally, a sister property of the new owners of Silver Birches.  Also, on Route 507, a short distance from Silver Birches other members of the Singer family built Pep’s Inn, another early icon of Wallenpaupack.


George Singer was not only a farmer and innkeeper but he also had a significant logging business in the area which was a growing concern so Rachel called upon her sister Marjorie Ehrhardt to assist with the inn. In 1943 Marjorie and George Ehrhardt purchased Silver Birches. The business continued to grow through the years and more land was acquired. The original 1904 farmhouse and barn was converted to more lodging for the sprawling resort. Before long the second Ehrhardt generation, Jerry and Alice, joined the business. The 1950’s saw a huge building boom of second homes on Wallenpaupack and the early cottage community was on the rise. The business continued to expand with the addition of eight more rooms built in 1966 and affectionately called “The Motel”. More cottages were added to the resort. Alice and Jerry had three sons, Eric, Steve, and Craig. By the mid 1980’s all three boys who grew up on property had completed their education with concentration in hospitality. They returned home and significantly expanded the family business purchasing Marine Terrace, the road house next door to the resort. They added Ehrhardt’s Lakeside Restaurant to the collection and changed the name of the resort to Ehrhardt’s as well. In 1995, seeing a need to cater to large weddings and events in this beautiful setting, they further expanded the restaurant business by adding the large Waterfront Banquet Center. By 2015 three generations of Ehrhardt’s had put in seventy-two years building the family business. In that year, several new houses were built on Singer Lane and a new component of rental housing was added to the resort. But it was time to further evolve for the Ehrhardt’s. Eric Ehrhardt and Justin Genzlinger put their heads together and devised a way for the growing Genzlinger family of businesses to acquire Ehrhardt’s.

With the acquisition came the passion of the Genzlinger’s of historic preservation. The name of the business again became Silver Birches. The vision was to preserve the vintage lakeside resort but bring a new level of aesthetics to the property. 2016 saw a major renovation to the buildings and restaurant while preserving the original farmhouse and outbuildings but updating the restaurant, now known as The Dock. The Ehrhardt family has continued to work and consult with the Genzlinger’s to enhance this beautiful gem on the shores of Wallenpaupack. Everything old is new again.